Bird and Bat Houses for Sale

Senior volunteers and students, built bat houses as part of an enviromental awareness project.

These bat houses are for sale at $25.00 each which are stained with mounting instructions. Some may be purchased unassembled as kits. These make great gifts!

Please support the school’s mentoring program by purchasing Bat houses.

Contact Seniors for Kids Society at 403-861-4558.

Other Projects

Each group becomes involved with projects such as school subjects, computer projects, crafts, baking, building contests, environmental projects, generational stories or games. Seasonal projects may include Christmas crafts, bird feeders, birdhouses, Valentine cards, Easter crafts, gardening and Christmas Cards. Projects and cards are made for seniors living at care facilities.

Seniors may participate in school functions such as Remembrance Day, or civil or religious holidays.

A homemade Remembrance Day wreath is constructed by everyone involved and laid down at the Cochrane cenotaph during Remembrance Day.