Senior Mentors

Mentoring in the Seniors for Kids Society is a unique, enriching organization for older people. This program provides an opportunity for senior volunteers to participate in a valuable and rewarding experience with youth. All seniors have had life experiences which can be enjoyable in sharing. They have patience to teach excellent skills; their wisdom and knowledge of Canadian values and culture is invaluable and fun to tell others about. Seniors feel a sense of satisfaction when they have impacted another’s life for the good. They gain in personal appreciation and become positive vocal advocates for the young people of today.

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Youth Outcomes

When youth have the opportunity to participate in a Grandparent Program, they are given the chance to be in an unhurried, non-judgmental interaction with a caring senior. Mentoring activities are consistent with personal goals. Youth learn social and communication skills. They improve their interactions with peers. Youth are less likely to be involved with negative behavior and activities. The end result is a usually strong improvement in academic success and in positive personal development skills.

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Bearspaw School
Bethany Care Centre
Cochrane Christian Academy
Elizabeth Barrett School
Fireside School
Glenbow School
Holy Spirit School
Manachaban Middle School
Mitford School
RancheView School
Seniors on the Bow Centre
St. Timothy Junior/Senior High School
Westbrook School

Senior for kids outcomes and testimonials

Overall Result

The Seniors for Kids Society is an excellent mentoring organization that has a strong positive impact on the entire community. It is a powerful initiative that improves self-esteem, attitudes, and a desire to reach one’s full potential. A deep trust between youth and seniors develops. The result is trusted respect towards each other. This is an enriching opportunity that encircles everyone involved with these two generations, which includes the entire community of Cochrane and western M.D. of Rocky View: students, senior volunteers, staff, and families.

Senior for kids outcomes and testimonials


SKS has been an integral part of providing our students a kind, caring and safe environment within our school. Baking cookies, playing cards, or just sitting and chatting with their school grandparents every week is quite often the highlight of our student’s week. Thank you for this wonderful program.

The Grandparent program is a blessing.

Our students show more confidence, empathy and compassion from this intergenerational program.

We have seen so many amazing connections between our students and local seniors through this program! Our students gain confidence, leadership skills and most of all build life-long skills and friendships through this partnership. Thank you!

I was asked how old I was. When I replied that I was “72” a look of awe was seen on my school grandchild’s face. He replied with a “That’s so cool!”

I have enjoyed “giving back” to my community. My grandchildren live in another country and I look forward to my weekly visits at the school with my students and meeting other seniors in rocky view.

My daughter’s school attendance has greatly improved. She never misses school on “Grandparent Day”.

Our daughter enjoys cooking and baking day with her school Grandparent. She enjoyed learning to play marbles, candle making and talking to her mentor every week.