Participation includes:

  • seniors 50 and over
  • have a positive and open attitude
  • like to have fun within a school environment.
  • wanting to participate in inter-generational relationships
  • sharing time, talents, skills and knowledge with one another
Senior for kids membership

Becoming a Senior Volunteer

  1. Initial interview
  2. Senior profile information
  3. Scheduling and convenient volunteer time
  4. RCMP and Vulnerable Sector Check
  5. Intervention Record Check
  6. Secondary interview and placement
  7. Orientation in the school
Senior for kids membership


Each group becomes involved with projects such as school subjects, computer projects, crafts, baking, building contests or games. Seasonal projects may include Christmas crafts, bird feeders, birdhouses, Valentine cards, Easter crafts, and gardening.

Seniors may participate in school functions such as Remembrance Day, or civil or religious holidays.

Senior for kids membership


The willful commitment to participate in the program by both seniors and students affirms each group’s value to one another. Research shows that seniors receiving the regular caring company of a younger person are relieved of loneliness and isolation and experience an increase in a general sense of well being.

Students who experience volunteerism and its value to the community gain practical training, exposure to career opportunities and develop life and leadership skills. They envision a broader sense of community; have an enhanced awareness of their value in that community which ultimately increases their sense of self-worth. This program can provide an alternative for all students including those who may not excel in other areas such as sports, high grades or popularity with their peers. It allows students to explore their own potential, creativity, resourcefulness and will help to encourage positive individualism.

Senior for kids membership

Seniors for Kids Society is a not-for-profit organization that promotes intergenerational relationships.