Volunteering time is very flexible for a senior’s schedule. A volunteer is allowed to choose a school where the program takes place. Time spent with a student may vary from one to three hours per week or whatever fits into the senior’s schedule. A preferred weekly meeting is requested; however if a volunteer decides to take a holiday the time spent away is worked into the students schedule with very little problem.

Most young people benefit greatly from having a “special friend” Today many children live thousands of kilometers away from their grandparents who they may see only on holidays and rare occasions. Older adults in the community may be segregated by living in adult only neighborhoods or isolated in seniors’ residences. Young children who do not have personal experience of a senior or seniors are often afraid of older people who they perceive to be different, strange, frightening characters of fairy tales. This program seeks to find such children in our schools and help them to overcome feelings such as this.

Each group is allowed to choose how they want to spend their time. A program coordinator will suggest on various activities such as working on school subjects, computer projects, crafts, baking, building contests or games. Seasonal projects may include Christmas crafts, bird feeders, birdhouses, Valentine cards, Easter crafts, and gardening. Seniors may be invited to participate in school functions such as Remembrance Day, civil or religious holidays.